Business Introduction

DKT is working on a variety of projects

A business area

Our business area is divided into two main categories.
It is divided into businesses that provide technical support and equipment based on total solutions and businesses that provide equipment only.

Provide technical support and equipment


DKT BUSINESS AREA DKT's business area

Equipment provision

Business Goal

Happy corporate culture

By establishing a happy corporate culture, the company aims to grow into a major company that leads the web along with the development of individuals

Shared growth with customer

Through constant communication and cooperation with DKT, everyone will grow and succeed togethe

The pursuit of happiness for each member

We want to grow into a company where all employees can work happily in a free working atmosphere

Business Process


Analyzing customer needs

Steps to review production, equipment concepts and line specifications required by the customer


Product design and
material development

Design of materials and development of raw materials upon customer demand according to analyzed needs


Product process development and
application line development

Process design and line design suitable for developed materials


Introduce the above
to the customer,engage in sales activities and meet customer needs

Consult with the customer on the developed materials, processes and lines, and analyze the customer's response and development suitability


Equipment and development orders

Submitting proposals and estimates to customers with developed materials and process equipment concepts, and ordering equipment and development orders


Custom Design

Detailed design of equipment to suit the developed material or customer concept


Equipment assembly and delivery

After assembling and commissioning the equipment according to the designed drawings and concepts, delivering it to the customer


Prototyping and transferring
related technologies

Install equipment at the location selected by the customer, prototype with the customer, demonstrate and transfer the technology


Produce and sell customer products

Customers produce and sell products with rapid commercialization based on transferred technology