About US

DKT is a company that puts success first.

Date of establishment

08. 2011

Number of employees

45 people

Business area

Machinery and parts manufacturing, film manufacturing


Head Offive : Gumi-city, Gyeonbuk, S.Korea
Branch Offive : Shanghai in China

With the concept of a current total solution, it is not just selling equipment, but also developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment that develops the materials, processes, and processes of the products that customers want to produce new products

Conmany Name
DKT, Inc
08. 2011
45 people(As of the end of May 2021)
Business Area
Machinery and parts manufacturing, film manufacturing
116-60,Sanho-daero, Gumi-city Gyeongbuk, S.Korea, DKT


management planning

Accounting, personnel, general affairs, computer management, purchasing, standardization finance, equipment quality, film quality.


Equipment Sales, Film Sale


Design, Marketing


Material development, process development, film design, new business, national tasks

Equipment design

Equipment development, equipment design

Equipment production

Electrical parts, equipment production, automation parts, partner management, official duties

Material production

Mixing Team, Unit 1, Unit 2, Pilot Line, Slitter, Inventory Management, Film Shipment

Chinese offices

China sales, sales management, equipment installation management, A/S